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Vivien Yeo

Vivien Yeo 楊秀惠

Chinese name                  Yeo Siew Hui 楊秀惠
English name                   Vivien Yeo
Birth date                        July 20, 1984
Birth place                       Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Nationality                       Hong Kong
Occupation                     Model and actress
Height                            173cm
Weight                            50kg
Star sign                         Cancer
Chinese zodiac                Rat
Blood type                     AB
Family                            Older brother and younger sister

Personal Life and Career
Asian Models Yeo Siew Hui or Vivien Yeo Is The Most Successful Malaysian TVB Actress Cum Model In Hongkong
Yeo Siew Hui (Yang Xiu Hui) was born on 20th July 1984 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.Her parents are Chinese origin Malaysian citizen.She has got a Biotechnology degree from Monash University.Height: 173cm,Weight: 50kg,vital 34 X 24 X 35.She was about 18-19 when she starred in Sunshine Heartbeat (Charmaine Li and Yoyo Chen was about 20-21 years of age).She has two siblings one younger sister and elder brother.
Malaysia is not a chinese country, but had produced so many chinese celebrities into Hong Kong, Taiwan, or China. Angie Cheong (Cheong Wai Yee) is one of another Malaysian Chinese actress who succeed in Hong Kong. Vivien Yeo won Miss Astro Chinese International 2003 and represented Malaysia at Miss Chinese International 2004. Angie Cheong won Miss Chinese Malaysia 1992 and represented Malaysia at Miss Chinese International 1993 in Hong Kong.
Vivien Yeo is in the TVB calendar year 2009 in the month of August,with Nancy Wu, Koni Lui, Leanne Li, Fala Chen, Tracey Yip, Suki Tsui, and Yoyo Chen

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