Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sharifah Sofia

Popular name                 Sharifah Sofia
Birth name                      Sharifah Sofia binti Syed Hussein
Birth date                       July 28, 1985
Birth place                      Liverpool, England
Occupation                    Actress

Sharifah Sofia started her career in the TV business at the age of 10, shooting her first ever commersial for ABC drinks, Indonesia. What kicked off Sofia’s career was her appearance in the well-known SitCom, Spanar Jaya in 2001, where she played Aisha, Pak Selamat and Misha’s cousin. Afterwards, Sofia was offered parts in various other Dramas, SitCom’s and Telemovies such as Skuad Elit, Kelas Malam, Kopi. Com, Sinderella and many more.

Finally, after acting not more than 4 years, Sharifah Sofia accepted an offer to act in her first feature film; GONG, featuring Faizal Yusup, Elyana, Jehan Miskin and Fasha Sandha. Shot 100% in Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

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