Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Rozita Che Wan

Popular name           Rozita Che Wan
Birth name               Rozita Che Wan Abu Bakar
Birth date                 March 9, 1974
Birth place               Alor Setar, Kedah.
Occupation              Actress and Model

The second of seven siblings joined Malaysia Airlines (MAS) as a stewardess in 1992 and served about three years. After leaving the MAS,  she joined the modeling activities for six months.

Not long after,  she met her match with MAS pilots, Zulkaply Azuar Effendy, 36, when united legally on August 26, 1995. However, they are not sustainable when the bride legally divorced on May 8, 2003. The result of marriage, they were blessed with two light points - Ammar Effendy, 12, and Aniq Ezzra, 10.

Rozita active as an actor, drama began 2005 with his brother, Ayu Raudhah. But before that he had worked in an architectural firm for a year. The first drama is playing Love Obstructed. To date, Rozita has starred in over 50 TV drama titles. For 2007, she has been successful about 19 plays. Rozita play a drama between Manjalara, Sesuci Love Sofia, nettle, Implant 2. In addition, she also involved in the field of advertising, such as the Petronas ads, ads 999, ads, etc. Rorine.

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