Saturday, 19 March 2011

Diana Danielle

Popular name                Diana Danielle
Birth name                     Diana Danielle Danny Beeson
Birth date                      November 22, 1991
Birth place                     Houston, Texas
Occupation                   Actress

Life and Career
Diana Danielle Danny Beeson  is a Malaysian American actress. She was born in Houston, Texas, United States and raised in Kuala Lumpur.

Diana Danielle lands lead role in U-Wei’s latest film, Hanyut
As some of you might remember, I attended Malaysian film director U-Wei's open casting sometime in November last year (2009) and there was this online voting system which determines who gets which role etc.

The candidates had two options- either we submit our videos online or go to their studio and have them film us reading the scripts on the spot. Once our videos were posted online, that was when everyone got all their friends, family members and fans to come vote for them.

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